Saturday, March 19

My Favorite Fabric Ball Patterns

I have discovered a new way to use my tinier fabric scraps!  Making Fabric balls!!!  It's great!  the pieces that are larger can be used to make the ball and the rest well...
 I NEVER throw away fabric!   Even tiny pieces like this! 
 I simply shred the smaller and...
Shove them into a fabric ball!
Stitch it closed!

 Pictured above is a more complicated pattern for a 5 inch ball.  They take alot longer to finish than you would think.  I guess it just depends on how often you are sewing and have scraps!   I now keep a ball like this near my sewing machine.
My one year old LOVES these!  He can chuck it anywhere and it doesn't hurt!   I figure I can keep them to give as gifts or just... keep them!  You can never have enough soft objects to throw at your children right?  LOL  Ok... that sounded bad, but.. they throw it at me too!  It's self defense!

Here are a few links I found for some great ball patterns.  Hope you enjoy!

The Internet Juggling Database - 2 Downloadable Pattern Packets (Instructions aren't the best, but it's the best collection BY FAR!)
Princess of Chaos - 4 Piece Square Ball Tutorial
Kathy Haynie - I have seen ornaments and balls like this, but THIS was the best Pattern and Tutorial I found.
Knitty Gritty Thoughts - NOT a throwing ball, but this Styrofoam Pinecone Ball is so cute!

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