Monday, March 21

Cheerleader Skirt (Easy)

Aurora recently decided she HAD to take the cheerleading class the high school offered to the the elementary schools.  It was an easy fundraiser for 10 bucks.  For about 2 hours after school one day they taught the little girls 2 cheers and a dance.  Then the next day they performed at the half time of a JV Basketball Game.  Aurora was SOOOO excited!  Until I forgot about the day of the practice and showed up at the school to pick her up.  Then she had a breakdown and wanted me to stay.  I had to use my sneaky spy skills to get her to stay and let me sneak out with the boys.  Ooops.

Anyway, one of the things that helped her to stay without me was remembering about the skirt I had made her back home!  She was so excited to wear it!It was pretty simple to make, but... I made it VERY late at night with my little one sick on my lap, so... if the pictures aren't the best... get over it!  You didn't stay up all night with a booger baby making it!  LOL
 To start I cut several strips of fabric from a t-shirt and some dark blue leggings I had in my make-over/giveaway pile.  It's a little hard to tell, but I kept the bottom hem of the shirt and pants at the bottom of each strip.  That way I wouldn't have to hem!  I also cut a 5 inch wide strip that was the same width around as her waist, plus about 2 inches.
 Then I sewed all the strips together in a contrasting pattern.  (See all the DONE hems at the bottom!!)
 This part is tricky to explain, but the skirt is inside out.  I then too the right sides of two dark blue strips close to each other and matched up the seams so that the star fabric between the was folded in half.  The I sewed a simple straight stitch over the seam so that when you opened it up the 2 blues were touching and the star was behind.
 After doing that to ALL the star strips. I took the MIDDLE of the star strip that was in the back and matched it up the where I had just stitched the 2 blues together.  Then I pinned the sides of the star fabric in the back so they would lay flat against the blue.
I then flipped the skirt right side out.  I took my piece that was 5 inches and sewed the ends together to form a circle.  I folded it in half and pinned the raw edges to meet up with the raw edge at the top of the skirt.  I carefully took the pins that were holding the star strips and just hooked the blue around it to form a casing for the waistband.
 I ended up threading a silver shoelace through to help keep it up!
She was so excited to wear it that friday!  Easy Cheesy and CUTE!

Total Cost: FREE
I used ALL things that were slightly worn or didn't fit.  I love up cycling clothing!

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