Friday, April 15

Piano Sandwich

Make your sandwich. 
 Cut of the top corner like so.
Slice of a tiny bit of the front of JUST THE TOP piece of bread. 
Then slice a piece of string cheese in half with a knife.  They are hard to see, but... I did slice tiny piano keys.  I was going to use sprinkles to make black keys, but...  I'm on vacation at my In-laws who just got back from a mission!  She doesn't have all the random stuff quite yet!  lol 
 I then sliced some celery to equal lengths and cut a small piece of carrot.
 Lift your sandwich and arrange your celery in a triangle.
 I then propped up the top piece of bread with the tiny carrot slice.
I made a bench our of pieces of baby carrot and half a string cheese. 
What do you think? 
Because my kiddos loved playing their lunch!  lol

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