Friday, March 2

St. Patricks Day Spell By Color

This is just something I drew super quick for my daughter to have some fun practicing her spelling words.  She seems to end up with an enormous amount of homework for a First Grader, but...  She is my first First Grader, so...  I dunno.  Anyways,  we are constantly coming up with fun ways to practice her spelling words.  I am going to do a bigger post on it next week, but wanted to share this little print out for you!

WARNING:  Incredibly untalented sketcher is about to share with you.  But... it's for kids and it's fun so be prepared to get over it quickly!
This is pretty much a color by number, but I added little lines so that you write each spelling word in a different color to fill in the picture!  For each line you switch and write a different word.  The point is to try and write the spelling words small.   I told her she could do this however she wanted.  I couldn't find her map pencils so we used crayons!  This would look super cool with little tiny spelling words all over it!  

CLICK HERE to download.  

Use the sheet how you like.  Color by number, Spell by Color...  whatever!  Just a fun way so spice up some boring homework!  Obviously, Aurora's version is perfect!  (Forgive the tired look in her eyes...  this is after 1 math sheet, 1 book, and 1 other random homework...  add spelling on... is that to much?  I dunno.)

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