Saturday, May 12

Kids Chore Charts

There are so many Chore Charts out there, but I had to share mine!  It has been working like a charm for us so far!  I love having help too!  When I first started thinking of the kids charts I decided that this time I would have to make myself a chart first!  While I never have had complaints about, "Why do I always have to do ____."  I didn't want them to start!   So I made myself a chart first!  To see that post CLICK HERE!

I love having the help and I think it helps them that my chart is right above theirs.  They see that mommy has done hers, so... time to do theirs!  No complaints so far!  In fact, I have hardly any complaints so far.  Maybe it's because they have THEIR chores and they do them sort of as they can. 

Anyways... on to the charts!
I started with 1 batting and 2 fabric pieces cut to 4 x 18 inches.
Then I layered them batting, fabric facing up and then fabric facing down.  Then I sewed around the edges EXCEPT for...
A small hole where I could flip the thing right side out!
Here it is right side out and pinned to stay.  I then sewed again about 1/4 inch from the edge.
I then used my machine to stitch TO DO   TO DO   TO DO along one edge and ALL DONE   ALL DONE....  along the other!  This part you can skip if you don't have an embroidery machine OR if have a steady hand you could use a fabric marker or maybe T-Shirt paint? 
I then hot glue the fabric strip to a Gigantic letter A, because... this one is for my daughter whose first name is Aurora!
I glued some magnets to the back so it could hang on the fridge.
We use cloths pins to mark the chores.  When one is done she moves it to the other side!  I made of for my son too, but I haven't been able to find a Gigantic T yet...  Hmm... 
I like the clothes pins because they have some chores they do every day, but some that I would like for them to take turns doing!  At the end of the week we take those chores off and they draw them out of a bag or bowl or whatever I have handy!  It has been working like a charm so far.   We pay them in nickels, except for the ones like homework...  I give it to them at night and the put the ones they need to do the next day on the other side!  

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