Friday, July 9

Swirl Knot Bun

This one is another of my little girls creations.  she said she wanted unicorn twists and a swirl?   Ok...!

I started by getting her hair wet and brushing it all to one side.  I had it damp to keep the fly aways down and cause it's easier for me to French Unicorn this way!
Then I divide the hair into 3 part at a diagonal on her head so I can put it into a side bun at the end.  This would also look cute down the back...  Just when I asked her to point where she wanted the bun that is where her finger landed!

I then French Unicorn the sections.

Ok... sorry about the fuzzy picture here, but... All I did was loosely double knot the unicorns together.
I then bobby pinned them up at the top and added a cute bow!  

Easier than it looks right!  Right?  RIGHT!  

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