Wednesday, June 8

The Upcycled Alphabet Shirt

The Upcycle Circle

My MIL had a box of clothing she was giving away, so...  I raided it!  Then I had a magical idea.  Here are seven shirts I pulled.  For each shirt I upcycle I will use the remnants of a different shirt to finish or embellish it.
 Enter....  THE UPCYCLE CIRCLE!!!  So, for each shirt I will use the remnants of the shirt to it's right!  Going around in a circle!!! Are you ready?  

Ok... I know when I started this I said I would be using 2 shirts, for each, but... this idea was to simple to NOT do!
 I trimmed the neck as pictured above...  The cut goes out right to the shoulder seem.  I also cut the hem off the sleeves and the bottom to give it a ruff edge.

This next process is called "shirring".  I didn't take pictures because...  I found a tutorial HERE on Ruffles And Stuff on how to do it.  She gives the best explanation I could find.  I can't believe it took me so long to use this technique!

 As you can see.. "Shirring" is simply using elastic thread on your bottom bobbin to create a ruffled look.  I did several rows on the bottom of the shirt.
 I did 2 rows at each sleeve and 3 rows at the neck.
 ALWAYS make sure you back stitch before you start stitching and after!  LOL  Perhaps this was more a reminder for me!
 I gave this shirt to my SiL Erin!  Don't she look so cute!
Yup... yup... she is a hottie!

Total Cost:  FREE
Alphabet Shirt: MiL's Giveaway Stash

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