Sunday, May 29

The Upcycled Collared Shirt

The Upcycle Circle

My MIL had a box of clothing she was giving away, so...  I raided it!  Then I had a magical idea.  Here are seven shirts I pulled.  For each shirt I upcycle I will use the remnants of a different shirt to finish or embellish it.
 Enter....  THE UPCYCLE CIRCLE!!!  So, for each shirt I will use the remnants of the shirt to it's right!  Going around in a circle!!! Are you ready?  

 This one is so simple....  Here is the collared shirt and some remnants from the old sweatpants.
 I sliced the top off, going past where the original line was for the shoulder.
I trimmed some strips from the sweatpants.
 I sewed a casing along the top of the shirt and threaded the sweatpants tie through.  I did sew it into place at the opening where the casing was.  I HATE when my hoodies get the cord all jacked up!  lol
 Using the rest of the sweatpants I ruffled the fabric and found 2 big buttons to create a belt.  The tie is the old sweatpants tie!
 Whatdaya think?  It's a little short, but.. I think it would look soooo cute with a white lace cami underneath!
Here is the back!  

Total Cost:  FREE
Collared Shirt: MiL's Giveaway Stash

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